All children deserve a great education

Colegio Cajob Grand Opening

They all have a dream

A Decent Education Opportunity

We believe every child deserves a great foundation on education from the very start. In partnership with highly experienced teachers our school offers elementary and secondary education to equip students for university studies.

Charity Program

As things progress at Colegio Cajob, we aim in the near future to extend additional support to the community of Viana with programs that provide children with free school supplies, lunch meals, and open camp activities.

Sponsor a Child

Unfortunately, some children in the school district are not capable to afford a decent education apart from the difficulties associated with attending public schools outside the community. Therefore, we are launching the Cajob Education Sponsorship.

School Projects


The school has a number of projects to be fulfilled. One of our main projects is to build a multi-sports field for physical education in the near future.

Give Your Support


Your generous donation goes towards school development projects, operation expenditures, and facility expenses. By partnering with us, you will help make another child’s dream come to fruition.

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